Fantastic day with our  friends in Reggio Emilia , really a funny day .

    The onorable Judge Rafel Malo Alcrudo  (SP) was invite for this important show .

    Results :

    Champion Class male Winner : Ch. Urano Del Fracasso ( Best of Breed)

    Intermedium  Class male Winner :  Cosimo Del Fracasso  ( CC winner )

    Young Class male Winner : Davide Del Fracasso

    Junior Class male Winner : Fosco  Del Fracasso

    Champion Class female Winner : Ch. Zara Del Fracasso ( Best Female BOS )

    Open Class female Winner : Oara Del Fracasso

    Intermedium  Class female Winner :  Domitilla Del Fracasso  ( CC winner )

    Junior Class male Winner : Farida  Del Fracasso



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